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Josie Jenkins (b. 1980 in Yorkshire) is an award winning artist based in Liverpool, UK.

She studied for her BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting) at Norwich School of Art and Design, UK graduating in 2002 and has since exhibited in the UK and internationally - most notably in China.

Jenkins is a director of Arena Studios, an active artist studio group that has been an
...integral part of the grassroots Liverpool Art Scene for over thirty years.

Josie is interested in the innate human sense of order, in particular our need to impose order on the world and respond to patterns; including deviations from patterns. In her work, Josie represents order as pattern, multiples of the same thing, structure and in some cases, symbolic images, referring to power, control and familiarity.

Deviations manifest as breaks in continuity, ambiguity and images that may be perceived as incongruous or unusual in their setting. Arrangements of images are assembled with a sense of humour, playing on the viewer's expectations. The work deliberately employs classic composition techniques to engage the viewer, combining different forms of painting and drawing on relationships between variety and unity.

Recent Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2015 Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China, A Distorted View.
  • 2015 CEAC, Xiamen, China, Exploding Mountains.
  • 2014 Cork Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, Pathos and Entropy.
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