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Judith Brenner creates both figurative paintings and abstract artworks which are recognisable for their free-flowing and languid nature.

Her figures are made up of expressive paint marks that form an abstract body, whilst her use of colour breaks away from a traditional figurative painting, as she incorporates gorgeous blues & pinks that result in a very contemporary
... conclusion. Judith simply aims to keep the energy and essence of the pose. “These figures are not the hour long slog pursued in the academic life class, but have the feeling of imminent change and therefore truly ‘life’.” (Frank Low, Art Critic)

On the other hand her abstracts respond visually to her environments and life experiences.Judith's recent body of work relates to her 2 last journeys to Cornwall. In October, she was awarded a 2 week residency at Brisons Veor in Cape Cornwall where she was involved in large scale collaborative work as well as making her own paintings. "It was an incredible opportunity to have a seafront studio but I preferred to spend the days working on the beach using the sand, seaweed and the large stones as part of the work."

Judith went on to develop this work back in her Wimbledon studio, using metal powders and gravels, creating textures and bringing a physical quality to the paintings. She rusted the metal powders on the canvas, which incorporates her urban surroundings on an industrial estate. Judith's aim is to make the viewer feel as though they are part of a landscape rather than looking at a particular view. The theme of the large round pebbles on the beach in Cott Valley continue to provide a source of energy in the work.

A statement from the artist:

My work uses the notion of alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination, in order to respond visually to my environments and life experiences.

My paintings are concerned with translating the power of my surroundings though a transmutation of material through process. Empowered by the temporal nature of the raw material terrain, the paintings evolve continuously - whilst my use of rusting metal powders allow my paintings to mirror the ebb and flow of the dynamic landscape.

This is not the end to her talents, following in the footsteps of great artists such as David Hockney, Judith Brenner has embraced the world of technology and created amazing artworks on the iPad. Look carefully at these editions and see the strokes drawn by a stylus, capturing energy & immediacy.
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