Judith Kuehne artwork for sale and artist biography

Judith Kuehne was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

She first studied painting under Gerald L Brockhurst RA and subsequently at the College of Architecture and Design at The University of Michigan. She graduated with a BSc in Design (Honours). For many years, before moving to France, she lived, worked and exhibited in London.

For a time Judith renewed her involvem
...ent with figurative painting and developed a very personal idiom in her portraiture. Her intermittent excursions into semi -abstract landscape painting owe much to the stark topography and brilliant Mediterranean light of the Landuedoc region.
More recently Judith has been painting still life looking at the art of pottery and its involved meanings. She is also fascinated in the beauty of seashells, coupled with space and the pots and fused with her thoughts of mortality and silence.

Since 1991 her studio and home have been in the Languedoc-Rousillon, in southern France, firstly in Cabrières and then in Bélarga, both small villages near Montpellier.
Judtih has exhibited all over the world, including the USA, London-England, France and Germany.
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