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The tradition of Still life painting has long been associated with the Artists of Cornwall and with Julia Cooper the theme continues to expand and diversify.

The depiction of timeless but essential kitchenware is an enduring tradition and for Julia painting still life are the perfect subject with which to study form and colour juxtaposition. Her experimental approach to
...painting is fuelled by observations of the everyday moments and objects around her; a simple 'essence of things', which she finds and captures joyously within her art. With careful placement Julia constructs the spatial tension and relationships between objects to create a quiet, contemplative narrative.

The term Wabi-sabi represents a Japanese aesthetic and a Japanese world view. It means finding beauty in imperfection, modesty, intimacy or austerity. Julia likes to think of the objects in her still life paintings akin to such an aesthetic, a bit faded and quietly satisfying.

Her canvas or board surfaces are loaded with colour and form, then scored or scraped back to reveal a time worn character, where elements and ideas are tentatively rediscovered. She has a passion for earthy colours and weathered texture. Her studio overlooks Fowey harbour where she says the changes of light on the water’s surface are more often reflected in her use of colour.

Julia studied Fine Art and Interior Design. Working for a long period with the Cornwall National Trust specifying holiday cottage interiors, this allowed her some creative license to develop and place her beautiful art on their walls. When the National Trust moved the centre of these projects from Cornwall to Wiltshire, Julia took the opportunity to focus on art full time.

She now has regular solo and group exhibitions in Bath and Cornwall.
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