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Kathryn graduated in 2013 with a Degree in Fine Art from the Bath School of Art and Design. Her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design was completed at Tregye College, Truro, Cornwall from 209-2010.
For artist Kathryn Stevens, colour has become an enduring fascination, prompting her to experiment, examine and make stunning discoveries about how colours behave set against each
...other, and how best to use this in her art.
“It’s been a journey,” she says. “I don’t think I ever had that initial moment where I decided I was going to ‘become an artist’. It has been a gradual understanding of what that means and what my identity as an artist is. For me, encouragement through my education and support from different tutors, family, gallery owners, other artists and supporters have lead me to this point where they have seen something in the work I make.”
Kathryn began to understand the true impact of colour when visiting a Gerhard Richter exhibition at the Tate Modern. “I think it’s the most inspiring exhibition I have seen – the best thing ever!” she exclaims. “I totally fell into this whole other way of looking at paint and colour and technique.”
The showcase gave Kathryn the thirst to explore “the material of paint” more and more, rather than “the outcome of the painting”, and her artwork became increasingly abstract.
This led her to a deeper exploration of colour. “I enjoy experimenting and discovering how different colours and mediums react and work together. Colour has always been important, but through seeing some of Richter’s paintings in the flesh made sense of why.”
“I approach all my canvases as experiments and explorations,” she explains. “I use experimental methods in my work – some shapes are painted on, some are poured, and the conversations and the way the colours and texture react are unpredictable most of the time. So I am constantly learning.”
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