Keith Ashcroft artwork for sale and artist biography

Keith Ashcroft was born in 1977 in St Helens, Merseyside.

He studied Fine Art at Manchester School of Art and graduated in 2000 with a BA (Hons). Keith has since exhibited widely around the country and recently been shortlisted for some important paintings awards.

Since 2010 Keith has dedicated his practice to the disciplines and demands of oil painting. His appr
...oach to painting requires a pragmatic approach, relying heavily on the physical act of painting and the relentless pursuit of a daily routine through immersive studio time.

Keith works mainly from found photographs, using them as a starting point and a source to explore their pictorial potential, responding through intuition and instinct, provoking feeling and conveying meaning through visual representation. His paintings are littered with domesticated scenes and interiors, furnished with the seemingly banal and everyday objects of the past, present and future.

“I am Concerned with both the urgency and patience that painting demands, offers and requires, I am above all a ‘Visual Artist’ concerned with the visual world and am interested in communicating ideas through the language of visual representation, informing through colour, form and content. First with it’s eyes and then with its meaning. I will commit to memory the confessions of colour and its relentless smells of memory perverting the textures of time with its notions of domesticated bliss. My intention is to use the physical act of painting as a means to expose the invisible and reveal its dirty little secrets.”

Keith Ashcroft was recently one of 83 artists from across the UK shortlisted for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2018, the UK’s leading competition for British contemporary representational painting and drawing. He also received a Special Commendation in the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2018 where he was one of 12 painters shortlisted.
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