Keith Varney artwork for sale and artist biography

Working from his studio in Somerset, award winning ceramic artist Keith Varney designs and makes contemporary ceramic objects that explore form, line, texture and shade.

Preferring to use bone china and porcelain, the geometric and faceted forms are left unglazed, emphasising the translucent white surfaces that are animated by light and shade, creating a sense of movemen
...t. Keith has made a conscious effort to apply these materials saying:

"Porcelain is a challenging material to work with but the qualities of its surface, its translucency and almost ethereal nature when used in eggshell thin sheets has driven me to investigate its wide potential...Carefully controlled firing is required as the intense heat can affect the forms, sometimes quite dramatically. But when successful, can induce a seductive and almost organic movement in the finished piece.

Following a successful career as a furniture designer and maker, Keith Varney studied ceramics at Bath School of Art and Design. He went on to teach at City of Bath College and has recently been selected by the Crafts Council for their ‘Hothouse’ emerging maker development programme. As part of the programme he was mentored by the likes of Carina Ciscato and Sasha Wardell.

He exhibits regularly in London and was awarded the ‘Best Ceramics’ prize at the Contemporary Craft Festival 2013. Two of his pieces have recently been acquired by Manchester art gallery and in 2018 he was awarded the prize for 'Innovation' at the 'Brand New' exhibition in the Oldenburger Schloss Museum, Germany.
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