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Kjeld Jensen
Painter & Sculptor
Teacher at the Graphic Arts Institute for 20 years. Rector and teacher at Kolding Design School for 10 years. Taught at School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen for 15 years. Student at Rostrup Boysen’s School of the Art Academy. Lithography accounts, Andreasen & Lachmann. 
We Love People Gallery, 201
...0 Forum 1995. Brøndsalen, 1988 Møstings house, 1987 Charlottenborg 1986FIAC in the Grand Palais, Paris, 1982-1984, and 1987-1988
Stockholm International Art Expo, 1981
Herning Museum, 1980
Billund Centre, 1980th
Danish Art Fair 1 and 2 in Herning, 1978-1979
Gallery Actu-Art in Elsinore, 1977
GALLERY in Kolding, 1973, 1975, 1977 and 1980
Tokanten, 1948
Artists’ Autumn Exhibition, 1947

Kjeld Jensen was a versatile artist and his works range from oil paintings, gouaches, sculptures to prints and drawings. Kjeld Jensen also explored communicative illustrations and paintings for books and other publications. Throughout the years, his expression evolved from naturalistic to a purely abstract style. He exhibited both at home, in Denmark and abroad. His work was widely recognized within the art community and he received honorary recognition by critics at the FIAC in the Grand Palais in Paris. Kjeld Jensen graduated as a lithographic drawer, crafting various pieces for Andreasen and Lachmann in 1945. Then he studied at Rostrup-Boyesens painting school at The Statens Museum for Kunst. He later taught at a various Danish art schools. From 1967-1977 he was a founder and rector of the School of Applied Arts in Kolding. He also taught at the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen for 15 years and at the Graphic Arts Institute for 20 years before he retired. Kjeld Jensen is one of Denmark’s truly recognized artists. To this day, art & design students across Denmark are exposed to his great works and techniques, that enrich their studies and inevitably allow his to work to live on… from the past to the present.
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