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Laura Boswell is an extremely accomplished and collectible landscape printmaker. Specialising in linocut and traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking, her work focuses on the rural landscape with particular attention to season, pattern and light.

Laura received her degree in visual art and art history from The University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She then pursued a caree
...r in the photographic industry. In 2005 she returned to printmaking, specialising in linocut, and almost immediately was chosen to provide work for two public art projects for her local council. Most recently she has been elected to the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.
Soon after 2005 Laura was awarded an eight week residency at the Nagasawa Art Institute in Japan. She was one of six international artists to study traditional Japanese water based woodblock printmaking. The unique residency gave her the opportunity to learn from a master woodcarver and a master printer as well as working with Japanese artists, craftsmen and papermakers. The residency has had a profound effect on her work and she often looks to Japan in its use of white space and minimal approach.Laura shares the Japanese appreciation of rigorous training; her work often displays impulsive line and brushwork, requiring meticulous cutting and printing to give the impression of fluid spontaneity.
She has undertaken many large scale public art projects, including the street length enamel murals located outside the bus terminal in Aylesbury for, Bucks County Council. Her work is held in a number of notable public collections, including The House Of Lords, the Library of Wales and the Buckinghamshire County Museum.In addition to her printmaking, Laura teaches, writes a column for Artists and Illustrators Magazine and works on the occasional public art project.
In 2015 Laura was the Section Head for Printmaking at Art in Action, responsible for selection and curation.
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