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Lee Acaster is an internationally renowned photographer with a love of nature and the landscape. He derives much of his inspiration from the understated low lying beauty of the East Anglian landscape where he lives and works.

Rather than recording a vista as a photographic record, Lee strives to add his own interpretation and a little drama to each of the images he captu
...res. This is reflected in the mood and often solemn atmosphere which is immediately apparent in many of his landscapes.

He is widely published and has won numerous International awards, including British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2014), International Garden Photographer of the Year (2017), Amateur Photographer of the Year (2015) and Wex Photographer of the Year (2014), as well as several commendations in Landscape Photographer of the Year and Outdoor Photographer of the Year.


The English region of East Anglia is renowned for its magnificent sweeping coastal landscapes. For those who have never experienced it first hand, then Lee’s breathtaking works will get you so close as to almost feel the breeze and taste the salty air.

It’s immersive art that connects viewer to earth, bringing the outside in, providing a strong, vivid sense of nature. A lover of the region, Lee creates a mood with a contemporary evocative style that displays a virtuoso talent for composition and colour. Each work retains its own unique atmosphere and a real sense of place. The relationship between artist and subject in harmony.
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