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Lisa Denyer’s practice looks at the contrast between the slow, considered process of painting against the sensory overload of daily life, and how contemporary painting deals with those polarities.

The work relates to the body, the physical world including the built environment; the transient nature of city living vs the virtual, and the relationship we have with these d
...ifferent kinds of places. Her work contrasts architecturally inspired hard edges with spontaneous brush strokes, referencing ideas around the organic and the artificial.

Influences include ideas around modernity and escapism. The forms and colours in Lisa's paintings manifest from everyday observations and are open to interpretation. Themes around containment are referenced in an ongoing exploration of framing devices.

The surfaces and supports of the paintings are often handmade using wood, hardboard or plywood. These materials are selected for their textual qualities and their ability to withstand multiple layers of paint as she seeks to create paintings which are substantial, self-contained, weighty objects in their own right.


Lisa Denyer graduated from Coventry University in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. In 2010 she received second prize in the Gilchrist Fisher Award, held at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. In 2015 she received first prize in the PS Mirabel Open.

Solo presentations include Geode at South Square Gallery, Thornton, Paintings as Objects at PS Mirabel, Manchester, and MM Open Studio at Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin. Exhibitions include About Painting at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Contemporary British Abstraction at SE9 Container Gallery, London, Sobre fragmentos y materia at Kir Royal Gallery, Madrid, and Contemporary Masters from Britain at Yantai Art Museum, China. Lisa is based in Berlin and Manchester.
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