Lorraine Molins artwork for sale and artist biography

A London-based artist, Lorraine Molins trained at Chelsea School of Art (B.A Hons) and subsequently Goldsmiths College (post graduate ATC).

Her paintings are recognisable for their vibrant, colourful, dynamic and abstract nature. Her work is very physical - sweeping gestural marks are her signature; whilst a commanding use of colour and shape, line and movement, give the
... feeling of advancing and receding light and dark, warmth and cold, emotion and atmosphere.

Lorraine’s early work was figurative - portraits and people in situations. It was during her training at Chelsea School of Art, and later at Goldsmiths College, that her worked developed into abstraction. Lautrec, Matisse, Abstract Expressionists, & the American Colour Field painters are still her great loves.

References to this early figurative work and the human experience are still visible however. Certain motifs recur, such as the bending shape like a simplified human form or the bent branch of a tree. Whilst, as a London artist, scale and architecture, have influenced her work, giving the feeling of being small against a sea of colour. Recent work has been inspired by the colours and lines of landscape, buildings, weather, motorways, moving people, trees and the sea.

Whether totally abstract or suggestive of a real world, line and space play off each other to form a dramatic piece. The titles give a subtle hint to the viewer as a route into her world.

An Arts Council Award winner, and one of the original Wapping artists, Lorraine has exhibited widely in London, Paris and Melbourne. Her work is held in private collections and public spaces and she has also executed numerous commissions, for private buyers and for corporate spaces.

Lorraine has also worked both as an actress, and jazz singer, having written shows and performed live many times. She describes her paintings like sitting in front of a large cinema screen, or experiencing the visual excitement of theatrical lighting.
Lorraine is happy to take commissions for those interested in having work in their homes with particular colours or of particular sizes. Please get in touch to find out more.

Recent Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2018, 2019 – BEAT - Ealing Art, London
  • 2015 - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Shortlist

  • Arts Council Award 1977
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