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From fellow artists to modern culture, Louis-Nicolas Darbon cites many influences to his work; these and his ethnically diverse background have all left their imprint on his artistic style, and had an impact on what he produces as a contemporary artist. Darbon’s travels have perhaps had the greatest effect, with the energy of New York, tranquillity of Paris and creativity in Lo...ndon providing inspiration at every corner. Working now for a global fashion organisation, Darbon again merges several worlds, with art and fashion colliding. His love and heavy influences of fashion within his art are very evident in his work, especially within this piece as you can see it contains Chanel, one of the most high end fashion companies to exist, and Darbon has merged his love of fashion together with his love of art to create this pop art style piece. As seen in ‘The Girl With Lollipop’ his work is undeniably fun and liberating, bursting with energy and colour. – Wall Street International. Louis is represented by two art galleries in London and one in Amsterdam, therefore we are the only gallery within the local area to stock his work.
Parisian born, London-based artist, menswear & lifestyle blogger Louis-Nicolas Darbon stands out from the crowd with a mixture of his two worlds of art & fashion colliding, sartorially influencing gentlemen around the globe.

From art shows around the world to working on
illustrations projects for some of the world’s biggest brands as well as creating special design projects and lifestyle features, Louis-Nicolas Darbon is always on the move.

Collaborations include Audi, Berluti, ETON, Leading Hotels of The World, Louis Leeman, Massimo Dutti, Mazda, Mr & Mrs Smith and Superglamourous amongst others.

Born with a brush in his hand, Louis-Nicolas painted from the age of 2 in his Parisian home. He inherited a cultural diversity from his French father and his mother who have a heritage from India, South Africa and the island of Reunion. Further, he travelled a lot from New York to London, getting inspiration for his art prints at every corner. Louis-Nicholas built his own style (fun, liberating and colourful), influenced by a range of artists across the decades: Matisse and Dali’s techniques, Monet’s pointillism and mix of colours, Kandinsky’s geometry of lines, Lichtenstein and Warhol’s explosive colour.
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