Luca Tombolini artwork for sale and artist biography

Luca Tombolini was born in 1979 in Milan.

He completed humanistic studies and after that a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on rhetoric patterns in Cinema. While studying at university he
 was introduced to large format photography and became instantly hooked - experimenting and teaching himself about the medium.

Since 2011 he’s spent weeks at a
...time travelling to the most untouched and desolate places on earth - in Morocco, Iceland and the American Midwest - photographing desert landscapes. He theorised his choice of location as 'an unconscious desire to glimpse a transcendent absolute'.

Talking about his work as a form of meditation, Luca aims to capture the longevity of landscapes compared to human’s fleeting existence but also connect with those that have looked on the same vistas before him.

"Being alone in those remote areas it’s a very humbling experience, it helps my mind to create a meditative suspension over the reality I 
perceive; cultural occurrences fade away leaving an apparent void
 which I try to fill in with shapes and colours of my photographic play”.

Given the desert is constantly in motion, with sands shifting to provide an infinite palette of abstract shapes, time and chance play an important part in Luca’s work – something especially significant given the somewhat slow process of shooting large format.

Luca's work has been featured in numerous art magazines such as Der Grief, iGNANT, Zoom, Il Fotografo, It's nice that, Splash and Grab, Ain't bad magazine, Boooooom and more.


  • 2016, Photographers II, Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo
  • 2016, Affordable Art Fair, Love It Art, Hong Kong
  • 2016, Modern Take, Love It Art, Vancouver
  • 2015, Foreboding, Sans Oslo, Oslo
  • 2015, Milano Arte Design, nHow, Milan
  • 2014, The Plantation Journal, Library of Arts, Paris
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