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Luce Géas has travelled to many parts of the world but Provence is the area where her heart has undeniably been captured. The region's colour and light, the texture of the region‘s golden ears of corn, the intensity of lavender and the majesty of it's multi-coloured hills are beautifully transferred to canvas to become a luxurious and sensuous delight for so many of us Northern...ers who long for sun, clear skies and all the delights that we assume goes with it.

For Luce, paintings must give pleasure; she strives to express the poetry and emotions she feels for the landscapes that have inspired her for decades. There is a hint of a romantic element but it is the shared experience of the landscape itself which she is interested in presenting; she hands it to us simply and stylistically with an explosion of colour. It is her gift to the viewer to translate that well-being and sense of enjoyment.

Luce graduated as Agrégée de l'Universite, has a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and Politcal Science and was awarded the Légion d'Honneur, France's highest honour, in 2010 following a distinguished career both professionally, socially and artistically.

Luce continues her magnificent journey into deep colour. She has continued in true Fauvist fashion to produce moving and intensely colourful canvasses which really are a joy to behold. We have no hesitation in repeatingprevious tributes about "where colour sings" for that is exactly what these paintings do - they sing, for they reflect her emotions while she paints these scenes so close to her heart.

Luce ne s'est pas ecartee de son voyage magnifique dans la couleur. Dans cette exposition elle continue - meme plus fort qu'en avant dans la tradition Fauve - a produire cet ensemble de peintures joyeuses autour sa region natale en Provence, ainsi que certains lieux mediterraneens qu'elle aime.
Lisant recemment dans un magazine la critique d'une autre exposition, j'ai trouve cette phrase merveilleuse: "ou chantent les couleurs" et c'est exactement ce que fait les peintures de Luce - elles chantent faisant echo aux emotions qu'elle ressent au moment ou elle pose les couleurs, mais cette annee,meme plus fort qu'en avant.

Selected Exhibitions

1980, 1981 Olga Polizzi’s Gallery, Cafe Royal, London

1981 Galerie Katia Granoff, Paris

1982 King & Walters, Hong Kong

1984, 1987 Cadogan Contemporary Art, London

1988 CCMP, Paris

1994 France Gallery, Washington DC

1995, 1997 Galerie Marceau, Paris

1995, 1997, 1999, 2005 Erik Schaix, Paris

1997 Bruton Street Gallery, London

1999 - 2010 Highgate Fine Art

2002 Savage Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee

2003 Lucy B Campbell Fine Arts, London

2004, 2010 Galeria 3 Voutes, Vaison la Romaine

2005, 2006 Shanghai Spring Gallery, China

2011 Bernard Chauchet, London

2012 Barclays Bank, Piccadilly, London

2013 Highgate Contemporary Art

2014 Caveau des Bosquets, Gigondas, Vaucluse

2015 Highgate Contemporary Art
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