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Mandy Payne is a Sheffield based painter and is interested in marginal spaces, places that are often maligned and thought to be devoid of traditional aesthetic beauty.

She is interested in these places due to their relation to the issues of gentrification, social housing, regeneration and the flux of city environments. She is fascinated by the spaces people inhabit, the
...traces they leave, and is drawn to locations that are often overlooked or derided.

For over 6 years she has been exploring Park Hill in Sheffield, the Grade II* listed council estate and one of Britain’s largest examples of Brutalist architecture. Park Hill has had a chequered social story and is has been undergoing regeneration since 2009.

Part of the estate has been transformed into shiny, luxury flats whilst half remains boarded up and derelict. Most of her work focuses on the un- refurbished parts of the estate where the memories and layers of the past are almost tangible. Her intentions being to create observational paintings that spoke of the displacement of the established communities and the temporality of urban landscape.

Concrete is the unifying link throughout the estate and so with this in mind she has been working with materials that are integral to the estate itself, namely concrete and aerosol spray paint (referencing the graffiti).

In April 2015 she also started a two year part time Fellowship to learn the printmaking technique of stone lithography at Leicester Print Workshop. She has continued to make work inspired by Park Hill using this medium.
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