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Characteristic Style

Maria Rivans is a contemporary British artist, known for her scrapbook-style collage aesthetic. A mash-up of Surrealism meets Pop-Art, Rivans’ eye-popping collages re-appropriates vintage ephemera to create dreamy realms, which transport the viewer into fantastical worlds of the imaginary.

Best known for her intricate surreal
...landscapes, pin-up portraits and 3D boxed works, her compositions are almost overwhelmingly detailed, filled with vivid and seductive colours with powerful and often humorous imagery. Viewers often experience a visual and sensory overload from the hundreds of carefully cut-out found elements pulled together from a diverse range of vintage paraphernalia.


Rivans studied 3D design at the University of Brighton, before turning to jewellery design and setting up her own workshop. But an aptitude for the visual arts was in her blood: growing up with her Italian family in Essex, hours of her childhood were devoted to drawing and doodling, listening to music, covering her bedroom walls with film and pop heroes, while she soaked up the televisual culture that would come to form her greatest influence.

The visual artists who have defined Rivans’ work include: Max Ernst; Frida Kahlo; Robert Rauschenberg; Richard Hamilton; David Hockney; Sarah Lucas; and Tracey Emin. Yet her influences are not limited to the visual arts: music, film and fashion have helped define her aesthetic, with the likes of David Bowie, Vivienne Westwood, Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch having a huge impact on her practice.

Intertwining different film and TV genres – from vintage Hollywood, to 1970s sci-fi, B-movies and TV trash – Rivans’ work is in a constant dialogue with cultures of the past, reinventing existing film plots and narratives, while spinning bizarre and dreamlike tales.


Her process begins with her collection of vintage ephemera, which she scavenges from antique books and retro magazines, always on the look-out for that perfect ‘something’ in second-hand shops and at market stalls.

Like piecing together an unruly jigsaw puzzle, Rivans assembles the skilfully cut-out fragments and scraps, labouring over long periods and making alteration after alteration, until the collage begins to take shape. Each of Rivans’ artworks is the product of months of careful deliberations and decisions, every tiny tweak necessary in the final formation.

The fundamental use of collage as a method reflects the complex and fragmented world from which the art arises, but an attention to beauty and to harmony of composition gestures optimistically towards the social capacity to piece it back together again.

Pin-Up Series:

Her pin-up series, perhaps the most popular to date, reclaims iconic femininity to champion female strength. Inspired by the female protagonists of her youth, Rivan's leading ladies contain imagery from the likes of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. These exotic and escapist works are often laced with ominous undertones, to remind
us of the darker side of human nature; whilst utopian imagery from 1950s pop-culture speaks to today’s obsession with consumerism.


Rivans exhibits work throughout the UK as well as internationally, including Hong Kong, New York and across Europe. Notable solo shows include the Saatchi Gallery, London, and Galerie Bhak, Seoul.

Her pin-up portraits have been used as the faces of both the London and Milan affordable art fairs and for the face of the Scoop International Fashion Show at Saatchi for 2015.

In 2015, Rivans was invited to show at Christies, London, for their ‘Out of the Ordinary’ sale; in 2017, her work featured in The Times newspaper; and, in 2018, her Film Still ‘Understanding Nothing’ was selected for the Royal Academy’s 250th Summer Exhibition.
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