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Marion was born in Glasgow in 1958, and has lived in Scotland all her life. She likes to combine a love of hill-walking with painting al fresco to capture life with a sense of urgency and immediacy.

She works mainly in oils, enjoying the intensity of sculpting the paint with knives, rags and fingers. Rather than become restricted to one genre, Marion feels it is necessa
...ry to paint still life, real life, landscape and portraiture.

"My aim is always to capture the 'moment' in my paintings. I would probably describe myself as a representational/romantic artist and my focus is on light. Subject matter is always real and studied; number of petals of any flower observed and changes from life, still life to landscape, though I would tend to describe the latter more as weather-scape. When painting life I am looking for mood and presence and for the skin to breathe. With still life the colours are all there so I am looking for light, while with landscape I am looking at the time of day and the weather".

Marion has exhibited regularly at the Royal Glasgow Institute and the Paisley Art Institute as well as:

Royal Institute of Oil painters, Mall Galleries, London
Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton
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