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Mark Fearn is a Scottish artist, designer and photographer who studied at Edinburgh College of Art.

Since his time spent at art college, Mark has always been intrigued by abstract painting and has developed his own unique style with recent works incorporating the use of found materials as a way of building depth, texture and a sense of spontaneity.
Based in the beau
...tiful and inspiring region of Perthshire, Scotland, home to forests, lochs, beaches and rural landscapes yet within easy reach of cityscapes and historical architecture, his modern, abstract pieces often have their roots in the colours, textures, tones and layers of the surrounding environment.

These mixed media works are developed and reworked numerous times, aiming to capture different moods and emotions, evoking a sense of feeling in his paintings. They are textural with contrasting colours set on expanses of blacks and whites, and over-painted again and again, layer after layer to build up a deep, rich ground upon which to work. The relief is constructed with different techniques; glues and mediums, acrylic and enamel; paper, canvas and card, sand, glass... anything that inspires him.

Mark's work is held in collections in the UK, USA, Europe and New Zealand.
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