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Dorset based Mark Hall was born in 1970 and has been a professional artist and sculptor for 18 years. Interested in all aspects of the creative process along with a flair for design, Mark Hall initially studied to be an architect.The call to sculpture however became too strong, embarking on a career as freelance sculptor and designer in 1992. Mark Hall had a fascination for scu...lpture from an early age when taken to the bright lights of London as a small child and exposed to the work of Rodin.

“That really was a seminal moment for me, I was completely hooked by the powerful physical presence of sculpture and the fact you could touch something so tangible. I was simply awestruck and really don’t think anything was the same for me after that day”

The call to sculpture became so strong that Mark embarked on a career as freelance sculptor and designer in 1992. Mark Hall sculpture is collected worldwide and his installation work is referred to on university lecture circuits as ‘seamless cutting edge contemporary art’. Each Mark Hall piece is a signed limited edition (worldwide) – some with editions as small as 2, others up to 35. This depends on the series and size of sculpture.

"I love sculpture. I love the way you can actually have a physical relationship with it, take pleasure in its tactility and share the journey of the sculptor"

"Narrative offered with sculpture makes me uncomfortable. It steals something from the viewer who, in my opinion, must trust their own interpretation of what they see. This is just as important as the work itself and is part of the process. Whether your reaction is good or bad, is unimportant."

Mark's work is exhibited widely, and his irreverent and exuberant works are sure to raise a smile with his tactile and humorous sculptures. It’s fair to say Mark Richard Hall's oeuvre is nuts, mainly conkor's. His oversized horse chestnuts are magnificently magnified creations, born from natural forms. His work is bound to transcend any viewer back to their youth - what Brit who ever played conkers during childhood, did not marvelled at the perfection of a freshly opened horse chestnut?

Marks larger sculptures have been shown at the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court, with one piece donated to HRH Prince of Wales for the Prince’s Trust Garden. After great success, Mark is currently expanding his studio on the Hampshire/Dorset border, which will include an extended work studio and a gallery with sculpture garden dedicated solely to his work.
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