Mark Reeves artwork for sale and artist biography

Mark is primarily an outdoor photographer who only works with available light. He is happiest when working in wild places; mountains, moors and coasts. Mark is an active member of the Royal Photographic Society.
Most of Mark’s photographs portray scenes in which the content has been made impressionistic or semi-abstract by means of one or more camera techniques. The artists
...techniques include intentional movement of the camera while the shutter is open, this purposefully creates double exposures and using improvised diffusers in front of the lens.

Through such methods which diffuse and degrade the images, the importance of texture and mood become emphasised whilst the visible structure within the image is minimised.
“Literal representation of what I see doesn’t really interest me, so I find ways to photograph my subjects so that they are minimal, abstract or impressionistic”.
As well as taking photographs, Mark also teaches and runs workshops around Liverpool. Mark teaches a number of private students, as well as teaching and running workshops of organisations such as the Royal Photographic Society and Dot-Art in Liverpool.
His beautiful works are housed in galleries around Liverpool and London, and he exhibits regularly alongside giving talks on his work, mainly discussing the philosophy and techniques behind his impressionist work.
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