Artist Biography - Mark Sheeky

Mark Sheeky's artwork is dream-like exploring the power of the subconscious mind through jarring vistas and re-imagined portraits.
Mark began working as an independent computer game developer in 1991. In 2004, he turned his attention to oil painting. Mark is one of the leading surrealist painters working in Britain today, with paintings in the national art collection. He is
... also an active member of the Society for Art of Imagination, and winner of national and regional awards for his painting, writing and music
Mark is imaginative in all of his creative endeavours and aims to express a full range of ideas, feelings and emotion. He finds paintings of “normal things” truly boring and pointless, believing that in the contemporary era, expression and imagination are vital in art.
Mark is truly multi-media; believing that art is his vocation and obsessive calling. He expresses himself using oils and watercolour, and draw in ink. However his creativity extends further than painting, as he also composes and records music, performs piano, writes and publishes poetry, fiction. His album Art by Machine, was one of the original commercial albums composed by an artificial intelligence. He has performed his music at several venues throughout the northwest of England.
Mark is a true artist, engaging in everything creative. However when it comes to painting, he has an obsession with oil paints, due to the power and beauty of the medium.
Preferring the classic technique of painting in multiple layers, Mark believes that pictures look better when painted in this way. He believes that the quality of the idea and content, are the soul of a painting and therefore most important. However he does not dismiss the body and appearance of an artwork as these are also important and a good piece of art must excell in concept and execution. He aims to produce only exceptional paintings.
The artist never needs inspiration, as he has worked full time as an artist for many years and has infinite discipline, so can create art to order very quickly. The artist has moved through several phases of subject matter, from at first just his instinctive feelings and personal experiences, to more universal emotions using Romantic-era music as inspiration. His recent artistic focus is on the interface between humans and technology, a very current subject for our time. He believe that technology will change the world hugely and the contemporary art must reflect this transformation.
“As a child, computer programming was my obsession, and I worked alone at home on this for about two decades. I didn’t speak or have any meaningful social contact until my mid-thirties; my only friend in those years being a pen-pal who I wrote to monthly. I joined a local art group at that point. It was the start of 2007, and I realised that I had been an odd sort of artist, rather than a game developer, for all of my life. I began oil painting and immediately wanted to portray ideas, rather than mere copies of things. I knew nothing about art, but have learned much over the years since, and studied classical oil painting techniques like a master scientist.

My life since then has been a whirlwind of activity and I embrace all media with great energy. My temperament is romantic: emotion is the root of great art, and like a Romantic composer, I want to display my feelings, skill, and imagination; make the amount of work evident, and strive to master my skills. I reject what is easy and automated. Art must always push boundaries.

Themes in art can be social, which have more immediate emotional impact but lose context over time, or personal and universal. I make both sorts of art, but as a somewhat withdrawn person, tend to create the latter. My instincts are rebellious and my artistic heroes are Ludwig van Beethoven, I sympathise with his struggle and I love his music, and Ingmar Bergman, for his great intellectual insight into relationships and the human condition.”

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