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Martin John Fowler is an artist working in the Yorkshire Lincolnshire Borders. Whilst traveling and recording the wild coastal areas from the Scottish isles to the hidden coves of Cornwall. He was born and brought up in the Mining towns of South Yorkshire; studied drawing and painting at Doncaster College of Art; then studied Painting and Printmaking at Sheffield College of Art... completing his BA(hons) in Fine Art.

Martin works mainly outdoors on location and then takes the sketches and notes he makes whilst there to his studio where he reworks them. His acrylic on board paintings encapsulate a sense of mood and place, in a semi-representational style, striving for a balance between abstraction and reality. The outcome is a vigorous depiction, showing his love for the manipulation of the medium, creating passages of energy and textured balance alongside areas of quiet.

Martin says:

“My focus has been intensified by the prevailing sense of change in Whitby’s working port from childhood memories to the present which may soon an obliterate an entire way of life. Recording in sketches and paintings”

We asked Martin three questions about art and its importance:

What is Art?

Art, at its best, is what connects us with shared human experience of the visual or material world.

Why is art important?

One could argue that art is of fundamental importance to people. Without it we would simply loose our sense of self. At any given point in history it has documented humanities' standpoint with nature, society, politics, science, etc. It, therefore, is the visual determinant or evidence of our dreams, personal endeavours - ultimately, it represents our engagement with life and what it means to be alive.

What is the purpose of your role as an artist?

To focus on the things that matter to me personally, such as exploring techniques and processes that test the use of bold blocks of colour, expressive line and dynamic shapes and patterns in response to scenery experienced and memorised. It is the latter, though, that matters the most to my practice, as it is the one key thing that enables true expressive flights into the realms of imagination to form in the works produced
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