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"I don't talk a lot about my work as I put my efforts into communicating an image that doesn't require an explanation - something that people can think about and relate to themselves.

I began mezzotint engraving as my tutor at Central St Martin's College of Art; David Gluck dared me to in a "try this for size" challenge. It is a technique that you can constantly learn fr and develop. Although the preparation is laborious I enjoy the fact that a certain level of craftsmanship is required to achieve a good result even before the image is worked onto the copper plate. I also love the tonal variations and effects that can be achieved using this technique.

My work is about the world around us, the environment, about people and society and the situations we find ourselves in.

I'm hoping that with a bit of humor you can relay a message simply and effectively, especially if you combine humor with quality artwork.

My aim is to communicate my ideas to a wide range of people as possible. I am particularly happy when I find out that people who don't consider themselves art buyers end up with a piece of my work. I feel a great sense of achievement to know that one of my images really made an impression on someone that perhaps made them change their minds about how they view original art.

I see my work as being "semi-surreal". I use mezzotint to effect, to create what has been described as black humour and social commentary."
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