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Matt Diak, born in Poland, is an emerging artist currently based in Oxford, UK. He was awarded the HMC Scholarship and Rogerson Scholarship at Merchiston Castle School and won the Art & Design Prize upon graduation.
Following training at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh with a scholarship, he was awarded the 'Outstanding Work' prize in 2016 and he is currently studyi Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.

Diak’s paintings can be referred to as spaces, where one is stuck between the chaos of expressive strokes and the order of shapes and lines. He approaches painting as collage, starting with acrylic on board or canvas, following with paper and various other materials. This long, expressive, layered process brings the quality of sculptural texture to the painting and a feel of depth.

Although drawing and painting have always been a core base to Diak's studio practice, and he uses it as a starting point, he often likes moving his work away from the wall into the space with sculptures, photography, film and experimental projections.

At his early age, Diak has already exhibited widely in Scotland, England and Poland, and has demonstrated the maturity to secure a strong career path ahead of him.
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