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Plant Series

Maura Jamieson is a Photographer and Lecturer whose recent work examines the narratives surrounding the lifecycles of plants; how they grow, propagate and return to the earth.

The starkly lit images, produced using Victorian 5×4 camera techniques, interrogate the minutiae of plant life, allowing natural forms to take on the role of image-makers.
...r>While leaves, seeds and buds make up Jamieson’s subject matter, the series of images represents less a botanical exploration than an adventure into the semiotics of natural objects.

The photographic study seeks to isolate and amplify the innately familiar and often overlooked architectures of plant formations. The resulting images offer an array of contradictions to the viewer. The depicted rigidity of form contrasts with the metamorphosis being studied – the viewer is presented with immortal copies of short-lived foliage.

Somnolence Series

Inspired by the pictorial legacy of the Nightmare, by Anglo-Swiss artist Henry Fuseli, this series explores the subject of dreams and their relation to the subconscious. Frozen in the stasis of a dream state, the subjects of Somnolence are presented at the very extremes of hypersomnia.

During the periods preceding sleep, differing forms of conscious states meld together; Jamieson’s series attempts to visualise the windows into consciousness that occur each time we fall asleep. The trance-like nature of these images resonates with a universal experience that resides at the borders of our memories.
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