Melinda Matyas artwork for sale and artist biography

Melinda Matyas trained in Fine Art Painting in Romania and now lives in London. She has exhibited internationally across Europe and in the United States.
Melinda's work is a reflection on society an the continuously changing identity generated by that. In her paintings she weaves together personal and collection memories to address what it is to be a human being in the 21st
Of her practice Melinda says "My inspiration is my own life, my own observations of lives of other people. In my work I strive to capture the things that lie beneath the surface, to emphasize the psychological meaning relating to the human subconscious seeking the universality of the individual that is always bound to its repressed emotions. "
Her work demonstrates an exploration of colour and the fragmentation of form creating dynamism and movement. She begins with images from life drawings or photographs and plans a formal composition, working principally with oils to build up layers. Halfway through, Matyas abandons her formal plan and her reference imagery, using intuition to fragment forms and alter colours.
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