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Mu Yu is part of a new generation of Chinese Modern Artists.

He was born in Shandong, the birth place of Confucius, after the Cultural Revolution, after Mao Ze Dong.

He is part of the new China. The China that begun the opening of its borders to the World. A China who's principles have been deeply shaped by Deng Xiao Peng.

Free expression is still not allo in China, so abstraction is not often present in the modern Chinese culture or art. It has occupied a very delicate space between a very traditional past, a revolutionary transition and a transformational present.

After the Cultural Revolution, abstract art has become a challenging space to be filled by the new generation. Mu Yu, born in the countryside, studied the classics and for decades dedicated his art to the brushstrokes that are so familiar within the Chinese ink on paper and the water colours tradition.

After a long period, painting in the classical 山水 Mountain and Rivers classical style, Mu Yu has for the past years, embraced a new form, that is very poignant as it is rare.

It captures a modern view of Chinese Art, where abstraction captures the new China, with its obsession to multiply and produce, but still trying back to its own identity.

His new art has the stunning representation of a society that is restricted while trying to break away, colourful and dark, modern and old following 5000 years of traditional Chinese Art and Culture.

1979 - Born in Shandong, PR China

2002 - Graduate from JinanFine Arts School


2003 - International Arts Festival, Beijing

2005 - First prize CCTV, Modern Art

2011 - Shanghai Contemporary
2013 Seoul, The Akiko Museum
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