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Mychael has very quickly become one of our best selling artists, his prints not only display his own unique style, but his subject matter captures your imagination by lifting scenes and characters that have become famous through the ages.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Mychael studied at the Symposium School of Art in Winnipeg followed by the Nova Sc
...otia College of Art and Design. He came over to England in 1984 and has been living and working in London since then.  Upon arriving here, Mychael worked for many years as a freelance illustrator. He studied etching at Central St Martins School of Art and became a full time printmaker in 1991.

Drawing on inspiration from sources as diverse as fairy tales and Shakespearean dramas to paintings by 'Great Masters' and 1960's pop culture, Mychael's prints reflect his passion for literature, theatre and film. Of his current work, Mychael writes 'The titles are an integral part of the process, narrative themes and an irreverent sense of humour run through all of my prints and paintings'.

Mychael has work in many major collections including the Ashmolean Museum, the V & A Museum, the Jiangsu Museum of Contemporary Art and the British Library collection. One of his most important commissions was the large scale mural on the Mile End Road in London.

In June 2013, Mychael was elected President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.
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