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Neil Wood has been a practicing professional sculpture and fine artist for three decades.

Obtaining a BA in Fine Art-Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art and an MA in Visual Art and Contemporary Culture from Keele University, Neil latterly gained a PGCE at Staffordshire University, taking him of the journey leading to many years’ of experience teaching and lecturing i
...n Fine Art and Sculpture at institutions in the UK.

Alongside working as lecturer and artist in residence Neil has always further his practice producing sculpture for exhibition and commissions.

He employs a Modernist methodology to explore the human condition in the 21st century. Neil's figures are semi-abstract, and although honed from chunky, cold metal they exude grace, contain a dialogue with the viewer and invite narrative.

The human form, expressed in this abstracted way by constructing and manipulating steel, stainless steel and bronze acts as a vehicle to explore material qualities; and as a visual language for expressing, often complex ideas, about the world we inhabit and the nature of human experience and relationships.

He sees his practice as two distinct strands; public commissions and gallery artworks. Commissions provide opportunities to work on a large scale requiring understanding of sculpture in specific context and an engagement with community and stake holders. Sculpture for a gallery setting represents a more direct creative output, where the work develops, free from the constraints of a commission brief. The work evolves by experimentation with materials and process.

He works from a studio set in the heart of the countryside in the Midlands, forging new creations from his designs in time-honoured fashion with skill and expertise using trusted tools and from blazing fire-heat.
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