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My name is Neyha Sofat , an Artist from the UK. Self taught, I have recently returned to the allure of the paintbrush. My paintings are an account of my life , it's adventures , it's misadventures-in its rawest form. It's how I best express myself - I'm clumsy at literally everything else!
Originally from Kenya, I do paint earthy subtle color pallettes and often depict wildl
...ife at its best- majestic.
I am a detailed artist , I can take days working on the muscles of a Stallion, or over the fur of a lion - for me - God truly is in the details .... And then I let go in the process of the background, I break every rule there is because there shouldn't be any in the first place.
I just want my work to evoke a response in you, or even for you to just take a pause should make you more enriched as a person having viewed it or even having owned it.
Painting thus has provided me with richest experience of my life- it's t
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