Nic Fiddian-Green artwork for sale and artist biography

Nic Fiddian-Green is renowned the world over as an equestrian sculptor.

Nic was born in Hampshire in 1963. He graduated from Wimbledon School of Art after a three year degree course in Sculpture Nic became highly engaged with the horse as a subject and working in marble, deeply moved by the power, skill and beauty of the Parthenon frieze and the horse as depicted by the
...Ancient Greeks.

A trip to the British Museum and an encounter with the horse of Selene changed everything....

'The encounter paved my future. It was as if lightning had struck twice in the same place. The horse's head was so beautifully made, so considered, so right. It was as if it had been carved by the golds: a lesson in balance and harmony and proportion. Immediately it became my benchmark. For the past 30 years I've focused on capturing the beauty of a horse's head.'

Nic later attended St Martin’s School of Art, gaining a Diploma in Advanced Lost Wax Casting and learning how to cast in bronze. Committed to his career as a sculptor, he then established his own foundry outside London. He was commissioned in Gozo during 1992, work which enabled him to open a foundry there too. He then split his time between Gozo and England working in the lost wax technique on a variety of projects.

Nic Fiddian-Green is one of Britain’s most accomplished and innovative sculptor to date. This is emphasised by his huge bronze horse’s head at Hyde Park Corner has literally elevated equestrian art to new peaks. The various forms of Horse at Water depict what Nic describes as “just the simple idea of the beauty of a horse”.

These heads have a life like, alert quality, as if they are aware we are watching them. They radiate the feeling of stop motion before movement. These heads seem to almost pour out onto their plinths, or to be balletically au point. However, they also radiate an aura of calm.

Nic's artwork continues to show he is truly an artist of our time, formed and inspired by his career experience. His early influences of the elegant Parthenon frieze are still hold centre place, even in his new work. The old age Greek principles of grace, beauty, serenity, and harmony are fused with contemporary sensibilities to create his unique, very new sculptural tradition.

In addition to his imagination and his strong consciousness of classic art forms, he also works closely with his subject and uses equine models in the studio, allowing him to work direct from life. His close relationship with horses was displayed further when his favourite model “George” actually attended a recent Private View inside the gallery.

Nic's 33ft 'Still Water' has become a bold and loved feature at Marble Arch London, and have lead to other commissioned works at Royal Ascot, Glyndebourne, Southwark Cathedral and internationally in Australia, America, Russia and the Middle East.

Nic lives and works in the Surrey Downs, he continues to be renounced for his sculptures, making his drawings highly collectable. Many of these artworks are housed in galleries across the UK and abroad.
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