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Nick Bodimeade is a painter & printmaker of everyday life, the familiar, often intimate scenes we all see. That is not to say the paintings are commonplace; his subjects include structures, beach scenes, dogs and lorries. These are chance, random and perhaps unexpected sights.

Nick is a representational painter; he holds a keen interest in the use of digital technolo
...gies as a developmental tool. My practice is also informed by his infatuation with Abstraction and making objects. After numerous years teaching in art schools, he now works as a commercial artist. His concern is engaged with establishing a relationship between the painting and the viewer, as well as with trying to understand what works in his artworks and why.

Nick's use of confident brushwork anchors his patchwork of figures into a flattened plane, glaring sunlight and pitted shadow adds to the linear of figures in contrast with each other, and with the environment or the painting. The painting makes a statement, whilst the artists handling encourages the viewers eye to travel across the surface on the canvas. Through this transition of focus, individuals within the image become connected, creating a dialogue between each piece within the composition.

Composition is important in all of these works, Nick Bodimeade encourages the viewer to move his/her eye over the painting using diagonals, horizontals, negative/positive space as well as focal points.

Nick Bodimeade is seemingly able to present his subjects with the minimum amount of information. Outlines are created with "negative painting" where the background is painted around the objects/figures.

Light also plays a pivotal role in the works, with shadows and highlights, with expressive use of paint and colour. The paintings are well observed and executed by an artist now well established across the South of England, with regular exhibitions in St Ives, Chipping Campden, Lewes, London and with the Zimmer Stewart Gallery.

Nick Bodimeade has extensive teaching and advisory experience at a number of UK art colleges at Foundation, HND, BA and MA levels: Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College; University College Chichester; Canterbury Christchurch University College; Amersham & Wycombe College; Northbrook College, Worthing & North Oxfordshire College of Art and Design, Banbury.
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