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After graduating from Art College, Vivian set up and ran a successful luxury interiors business supplying stunning hand-painted screens and trompe l’oeil wall paintings to high profile clients from LA to Tokyo. The artist has pursued a career as a professional painter for over 30 years. Whilst having enjoyed a wide range of disciplines, including large scale mural paintings in ...the palaces of the Middle East, he now concentrates on canvas painting and focuses primarily on his tree series.

Vivian works from his London studio. He aims to create engaging works, using vivid colour to convey the extreme emotions that nature induces in him and which entertain the viewer with his incredible ability to “play” with light and space.

“The work is about paint and surface, warmth and light, but mostly it’s about a sense of being. Being at one with the natural world I try to find the colours that will fit my sensation.

I am obsessed with colours and the physicality of paint. Colour tastes, colour textures, colour perfumes and colour sounds. Colour can exercise enormous influence upon the body; and the soul.

My subjects are simple, and yet are the life forces of our existence on this little planet.

Sunlight, Precipitation & Vegetation.”
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