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After working in various areas of the fashion & textile design industry in London & Brighton, including a time as a trendspotter for an international vintage clothing company. After a career break to raise her children, Nicky rediscovered her earlier obsession with drawing & painting.

Originally, Nicky trained as a fashion designer at Central St Martins in th
...e early 90's, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design with a specialism in printed textiles. Her love of textiles is still visible in her painting and can be seen in the artists use of colour, texture and pattern.

"My paintings tend to be both expressive & joyful. I'm particularly inspired by the vivacious wildflowers and big skies I see in the countryside around my home. Many of my pictures also include memories of the beautiful, larger than life flowerswhich my Grandad grew in his garden. My work is also strongly influenced by old textiles, both in the colours I choose and in my use of collage and mark-making to add texture and depth"

Nicky works on canvas with acrylic, precious metal leaf and resin when creating her signature tree paintings. All of the artists figures are produced using mixed media: she often works in multi-layered collages, adding ink, acrylic, varnish, metal leaf and resin to create a final image.

Nicky is influenced by the trees and big skies of the countryside around her home. Her creations translate a sense of time and belonging through changing seasons, which she tries to capture through a sensation of air and movement.

All her figurative work is founded from life drawing. She works on them in mixed media, using either quick, gestural drawings or multi-layered collages when time allows.
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