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Born in 1978, Pam Glew is a contemporary artist who is best known for her unique bleaching technique on fabric. She uses dye and bleach to deconstruct and distress vintage textiles with her own breed of painting. She specialises in portraiture, painting captivating faces which subtly emerge from areas of dark shadow.
Glew spent her teen years in Northern Cornwall and was hea
...vily influenced by grunge, an influence which is still present in her work. She attended art college and later moved to Brighton, where she is still currently based. Artistic influences are unique and quirky, including the iconic Andy Warhol, Egon Schiele, Robert Rauschenberg and Annette Messager.
Heavily inspired by film, her strong cinematic paintings often reference popular culture with images of actresses, models and the artist herself. By painting directly onto antique and found materials, the artist plays with our notion of idols, patriotism and the culture of heritage. Her subjects are drawn from film and pop-culture with the likes of Lily Cole, Michael Jackson, Kate Moss and Jean-Michel Basquiat all featuring in her work.
The artists use of textiles usually includes flags, brocade and American quilts as they provide a tactile and distinctive surface to work on. Glew's flags are inspired by the 9/11 disaster and the global impact of this devastating event. She explore how the US flag had a polarising visual impact in different countries.
The artists process involves applying paint, inks and pigment to vintage fabric adhered to panels. She often brings together Japanese prints, vintage denim and heirloom quilts. Her process of washing, dyeing and sewing cloth and images of women hint towards the lack of women artists in the cannon of art history.
The artists portrait slowly form during the painting process, resulting in a blend of painting and textiles. On account of her unique and diverse signature style, Glew is often commissioned by large brands including Armani, Red Bull and Microsoft.
Glew also exhibits internationally and is found in public and private art collections worldwide. The artist has had 7 major solo shows internationally and taken part in over 100 group exhibitions, alongside successful contemporary artists including the likes of Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Peter Blake. She has exhibited at Dallas Contemporary and Honolulu Museum of Art in America, and has been shown at major art fairs in London, New York, Miami and Seoul.
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