Pat Borsky artwork for sale and artist biography

Pat Borsky comes from a long line of potters and has been making pots since the early 1970’s. More recently she has moved from thrown work to slab and coil built pots, showing a much more sculptural approach.

Affectionately referred to as ‘Pat’s Pots’, her influences are nature, especially tree forms, and recently nautical themes. She has a love of small fishing harbours
... which she frequently sketches with husband, painter Jiri Borsky.

She has exhibited with The North Staffordshire Guild of Craftsmen, Northern Potters and The Gallery, Leek, Staffordshire, and Trent Art Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Pat says ‘I suppose l could say I was born with clay flowing through my veins. All my mother’s side of the family were involved in the pottery industry from master thrower to humble fettler. I, myself, chose a different route and became a printer, but have always felt drawn to the creative aspects of ceramics. I started night school at Newcastle-under-Lyme College in the early ’70s and have loved working in clay ever since’

Pat’s stoneware pots are slab built from Crank, which is a rough-textured clay allowing the use of different finishing techniques. The pots are fired to the biscuit stage, then applied with stoneware glazes and put through a final firing.
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