Pat Flynn artwork for sale and artist biography

Digitally rendered photographs.

All the cheese works are essentially about sculpture. They are kind of like process-driven minimalism in that we are looking at the various permutations of one form. It is important that the forms in the photograph have some of the logic of cheese but clearly aren’t cheese. (A wax rind, a particular shape, the colour palette etc.)The works
... rely on the rhetoric of advertising. At once sterile and seductive.

My wider practice has always focused on mass production, desire and belief.

Pat Flynn's work examines the language of the mass produced. His practice primarily covers photography, film and installation.

His work draws on ideologies, processes, themes and sentiments found in Hollywood films, computer games, consumer goods and advertising.

Flynn creates narratives around our need to believe, the ways we fetishize belief and the ways in which we reflect on our mortality in light of this.

His work fuses disparate rhetoric's moving between abstraction and figuration

In his predominantly digitally generated work, Flynn presents a fictionalised world full of cliché and pathos, a constructed sublime for passive beings.
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