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Paul Bennet graduated from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 2001 with a BA in Fine Art. He is originally from London, but now living and working in Lake District, Cumbria; it is here he finds his inspiration from the wild, vivid landscape. Walking among this landscape inspires his painting as this act is the artists first step of the discovery, and key to his working

"You can walk the same path a hundred times, but the change in season, the time of day and so on will make the walk unique every time. The work I create is an amalgamation of every walk I’ve been on"

Bennet specialises in contemporary semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes, abstraction and also distinctive portraiture. The three themes are very different in mood, style and perspective, but both endeavour to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create from memory to produce finished work that is abstracted and more expressional than representational. Paul’s work is in private and public collection worldwide.

His seascape and landscapes paintings are created from memory, rather than referring to photographs, as the artist aims to create artworks that are expressive and abstracted, rather than realistic representation. Whereas his portrait paintings are drawn from a different angle, as he aim is to reinvent the mass produced and give it a more innate interpretation.

Bennet states that his work explores memory and experience. Landscapes or seascapes are not anchored into any specific space or time; they are an eclectic synthesis of place, weather and season. The artist chooses to capture and communicate his very own experience, reflecting life with its unceasing process of observing, experiencing, interpreting and storing. Bennet strives for is a unique and original visual experience, that captures not only the sense of time and place, but also the more subtle notion of reminiscence.

With the digital age well and truly with us, the advances of visual media means that almost anything is possible within the boundaries of our imagination. Bennett’s endeavour to create work that is most definitely painted; accomplished by using rich textures, multiple layers and brush/palette knife marks.

This becomes a way of escaping the everyday, mass produced visuals that we are constantly exposed to and the way in which we now digest and assimilate our visual world. His approach is to record and comment on things that are more than visually apparent: to tease out more than the eye can see, to draw people in and invite them to experience – not just consume – an image.

Bennet is collected internationally and his paintings are represented by galleries, which also sell the works of Picasso, Hirst, Rothko, Matisse, Newman and Warhol, as well as many other modern masters. In 2012, Paul was selected as one of the Abstract Artist Gallery’s top ten artists. In addition to this, Art EWAA selected him for a residency and exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. These mark just two successes for Paul, as he has has been placed in many exhibitions since graduating.

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