Paul Brotherton artwork for sale and artist biography

Paul Brotherton is a Visual Artist and Designer from Manchester UK.

Exhibiting since 2001, Paul's abstract, semi-abstract and figurative artworks have been installed in over 40 solo and group art-gallery exhibitions in Manchester, Cheshire & London (UK), Galway (Ireland), Berlin (Germany), Paphos (Cyprus), Chelsea (Manhattan, NYC USA) and Vico del Gargano & Bolog (Italy).

Paintings by Paul Brotherton investigate and celebrate both geometric and informal contemporary abstraction. Referencing his earlier design education and influenced by Pop Art and 20th Century abstraction, Paul explores the juxtaposition of the figurative motif and bold expressionist mark-making, inviting visual conversations and creating 'Abstract Expressionist Design', through a fusion of colour, mood and style.

Artist's Statement:

"Contrasting the chaos and calm observed within natural and urban environments, themes in my work also explore human interaction, introspection and connectivity, set within the contexts of globalisation and technological development."
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