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Born in 1968 Paul studied illustration at Kingston University & Maidstone College of Art, after which he worked in London as a freelance illustrator.

In 1995 he and his family moved to Dorset where he spent some years teaching printmaking and photography. Now he works full time as a printmaker, illustrator and writer using a number of varied printmaking techniques th
...roughout his work; lino multi block / reduction prints, or more recently a more fluid mixture of collograph, monoprint and lino etch.

Inspired by the likes of Cyril Power - the pioneer and leading exponent of linocut in England - Paul seeks to depict the speed and movement and flow of people in our modern world.

'My prints are in the tradition of Lill Tschudi, Sybil Andrews and Cyril Power, and more recently Michael Rothenstein and Edward Bawden. I love to look at figurative movement; consequently sports are often featured because of the dynamic shapes and action, but equally a crowd of rush hour people leaving a train, or people browsing Dorchester market are wonderful inspiration, when ever I see a crowd my sketchbook twitches.’

Paul brings together his passion for printmaking into his illustration and writing work - concentrating on children’s book illustration and writing children’s fiction - poems, picture books, and novels.

He has worked for a number of clients including the National trust and RSPB, as well as exhibiting across the UK.
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