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Paul Harvey and his family live in Whitchurch Hampshire, and his studio is set in the middle of its countryside where many of the birds he sculpts reside.

Paul has been a full time sculptor for over 20 years, most of his work up until now however has been large garden sculpture, which he has sold all over the world, and to a wide variety of clients including the Royal fa
...mily. He has exhibited at Chelsea flower show for many years. Now he spends his time to concentrating on the work that gives him the most pleasure - his elegant bird sculptures. His sculptures perfectly blend the aerodynamic lines of birds with an art deco grace.
Paul has been sculpting since the age of ten. Introduced to that art form early on after being introduced to woodcarving by a primary school teacher in Eastergate West Sussex in the early seventies, Harvey has never looked back. One of his earliest woodcarvings of a Pheasant was carved out of a piece of Mahogany at the age of eleven, demonstrating the starting point for his now contemporary take on birds.
Influenced by nature and art deco design, Harvey's sculptures are primarily produced using bronze and marble processes. With his studio in the centre of the stunning natural Hampshire countryside, he is never short of inspiration.

Rather than go down the recognized avenue many of his contemporaries have followed, that of limited edition bronzes, he saw a hole in the market for the same standard of work, but making it affordable, using "Cold cast resins” bronze, copper, iron and marble, he has also developed many of the patinas usually the preserve of pure bronzes so they can be used on cold cast bronze, opening up a never ending variety of finishes, that will allow him to add many more birds to this on -going collection.
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