Paul Stone artwork for sale and artist biography

“Artist and Illustrators” magazine Still Life Artist of The Year 2010 and 2013 Outright winner of Open Contemporary Award.

Paul Stone grew up on the Suffolk coast and began painting while completing his first degree in Art History in 1997. After completing his Masters in Fine Art in 2007, Paul has focused his practice on traditional still life compositions, alb
...eit with a fresh contemporary look.

As an award winning fine artist Paul has been steadily building a reputation for elegant and accomplished still life paintings. Carefully layering his oil artworks that demonstrate traditional Spanish and Dutch influences, alongside a more modern take on subject and presentation.

Paul Stone’s paintings have continued to entice and delight customers and continue selling in art fairs around the world, while national shows attract critical and commercial attention.
Paul has previously held numerous solo exhibitions, and continues to be exhibited nationally. He won a national still life competition in 2010, and the Open Contemporary Exhibition two years later. Currently his work is included in New Light Art in Harrogate, with past inclusion in London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong art fairs.

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