Pavel Büchler artwork for sale and artist biography

Born in Prague in 1952 and based in this country since the 1980s, Büchler is renowned as an influential teacher and figure in the international art scene.

Büchler’s sense of mischief is apparent whatever form the final piece takes. You could describe his typical process as finding materials to be repurposed – be they objects, other art works, literature or old technology
... – locating a potential for paradox and then doubling it.

Though he asserts that his artistic practice is about “making nothing happen,” Pavel Büchler produces installations, videos, sculptures, and works on paper that stimulate the mind through keen wit and conceptual rigour.

With economy and elegance, Büchler repurposes a range of abandoned objects, including broken pencils, ashtrays, and paint chips, and obsolete technological devices like slide projectors and tape recorders, into visual puns through which he offers new ways of perceiving nature, culture, art, and the everyday.

Büchler’s The Problem of God (2007) exemplifies the profound meaning he creates through the simplest interventions. The work consists of an old magnifying lens inserted into a worn book so that it magnifies one word, which, as Büchler’s title suggests, is the problem of God: “invisible.”

Pavel's work is included in important international collections such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampere, Finland, Muzeum of Art, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Museum of Applied Arts, Prague, Czech Republic and The Arts Council of England, London, UK.
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