Petra Lea artwork for sale and artist biography

Petra Lea is a professional artist based in the UK at The Electric Picture House Artists Cooperative. Her often large scale work, full of texture and colour has proved popular with interior designers and art collectors alike.

Petra’s artwork mainly consists of paintings and collages which often depict obscure landscapes and surreal imagery. Her work is generally abstrac
...t, exploring emotional response, colour and form. Whilst most often operating on a purely emotional level they also often demonstrate a response to the landscape and the changing seasons.

Petra exhibits throughout the UK and USA including New York, London and Oxford. Her artworks are housed in collections in the UK and USA, whilst she has also had her artwork published in magazines, including Rapsodia Independant Literary Review based in Italy and Capitol No in Switzerland.

She is a member of Collagistes Collective, an international group of collage artists. She is represented by The August Agency in New York, the Artbank in China and The Colourfield Gallery in the UK. She exhibits frequently, partaking in 8-12 solo and group exhibitions every year.
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