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Philip Hearsey was born in Hampshire, England in 1946. He studied at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960’s.

With a solid career in architecture, interior and furniture design, Hearsey is a self-taught sculptor. From this he has developed an enduring interest in working with wood and metal in all forms and the making of highly individual sculpture pieces. He specia
...lise in sandcasting to make pieces which engage the quality of bronze, as he believes bronze is a noble material in its own right. His sculptures are intimate in scale and suited well to the interiors of home, office or hotel.

The artist cuts, carves, grinds and welds his cast bronze to create original forms, before invariably exposing the natural bronze or oxidising to produce a distinctive surface finish - a process that has always been an distinctive dimension of his sculptural practice.

"Bronze is eternal - yet malleable. I love the stuff. In its natural state the tone and depth of colour is sublimely beautiful, yet the surface is endlessly receptive to the transformative effects of oxidisation"

Hersey is interested in the surface and the alchemy of patination - not because of any obsession with technique which is difficult to master - but for the unpredictability of the outcome, as the colouring of his sculptures is not merely a coating, but it's fundamental surface.

Hearsey now lives and works on the Welsh borders of Herefordshire, taking inspiration from the beautiful, still remote and largely unaltered, landscape around him.

There are no big ideas Hearsey tries to express through his sculpture. Rather, the concept that visual simplicity of shape has an ability to speak for itself. His objects are exciting, intriguing and often tactile. Process, erosion, nature and time all have a role to play in the production of his sculptures. Inspiration often comes from the most surprising places. Sometimes from an intense sense of place and landscape of Herefordshire, and sometimes from the distinctive seascape, the vast sky, cloud formations and even simply objects observed walking.

No matter what is in Hearsey's head when he creates his sculptures, his practice is deeply personal - the work engages the imagination of the viewer to connect with a innate appreciation of uncomplicated, universal forms.

Hearsey's work is held in many corporate and private collections in the UK and overseas, in countries in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and also throughout Europe.
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