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Piers describes himself as an old-school romantic,but then he had followed a classical path through art school and travelled widely in Europe and Africa before settling in Wensleydale in 1975. When Noel Oddy first met him,just before a big show Noel was hosting in Lavenham, he already had several one man exhibitions to his credit, and was already working on his first book -" A ...Shropshire Lad" - illustrating the poems ofA E Housman. His second book, "An elegy in Arcady" followed in 1989 - written & illustrated by the artist.

In 1991 John Murray published his "William Wordsworth - A Lakeland Anthology " - Wordsworth's poetry, with 54 coloured etchings by Piers (it was equal first in the WH Smith Illustrated Book of the Year Award1991 ) - many of the etchings are sold out.

Then, in November 1993, in conjunction with the Council for the Protection of Rural England, Noel presented a large show of his Oils & Etchings at Smiths Galleries,Covent Garden. Later, at the invitation of the Government of Iceland, he was able to take the balance of this exhibition to go to Rejkyavik. This was with no exaggeration the most amazingand spectacular setting for any "vernissage"!

His fourth book - "Wensleydale" - Etchings & verse by Piers Browne, was launched in 1994 at the Medici Gallery,Grafton Street,London. Throughout all this Piers spends all his time painting, and ensuring that his print galleries have good supplies of his beautiful etchings. His fifth book,entitled "The glorious Trees of Britain" was published in October 2002.
Opening the big Covent Garden show, the critic Giles Auty said "....in this age of increasing artistic cynicism, Piers is a genuine romantic, dedicated simply to his art....". How very true -he is still driven by that amazing force , and is becoming increasingly lyrical. This strength has enabled him to guide his young family through a difficult period in their lives.

Recently Piers has been painting large oils both of Wensleydale where he lives and of Turkish and Greek coastal waters and lands, which he also adores. He is passionate about the sae and his oiled and etched seascapes are gaining great acclaim and 'collected' - the property tycoon Ralph Congreve bought a few huge ones last December, for instance. He has also completed a spate of etchings not least for his probably final huge handmade book SONNETS FOR A SIREN. This was recently bought for over £3k by, for instance, the Bodleian and Cambridge University libraries who both who thought him a re-vamped William Blake in creating pictures for his poems. (if you wish to look at the book we can arrange this: there are 11 of the edition of 20 left)
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