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Poppy Cyster is a predominantly abstract artist. Her love and understanding of colour is apparent throughout her paintings. A wide subject matter informs her work, from aerial perspectives of the Scottish landscape to happy memories and treasured experiences.

The daughter of an aviator, she spent her childhood with her head in the clouds hanging over the edge of an open
...cockpit biplane. Gazing at the fields below she was captured by the rhythm and shapes of the land – the fields, rivers, roads and the mountains all making their mark in her mind. She brings her inspirations back to the studio where those rhythms and structures are put together in her own very distinct style.
Cyster's unique handling of composition combines areas of constrained block shapes alongside expanses that ooze energy and free flowing colour. Every landscape captures the horizon in a different manner, where some pictures illustrate a huge, spreading expanse of cloudy sky or alternatively it’s the earth, perhaps distant hills or towering cliffs, which take prominence.
From light sunrise to dark weary days, Poppy Cyster illustrates her unique perspective of the delicate countryside and raging coast with an contemporary artistic eye. These distinctive, dynamically structured landscapes in turn make us view the world in a fresh light.

“I pay tribute to the multiple layers in the landscape, many of which cannot be seen from below yet have added their mark over the centuries …. somehow adding to the history of the piece. I like to paint in snapshots … as they add a spontaneous element to the compositions.”

She originally studied Fine Art at De Montfort from where she graduated with a sell-out degree show and was awarded the Leicestershire Artworks collection prize.

A decade on, Poppy is paintings full time and her work is exhibited widely in the UK, and held in private collections from Japan and Australia to India and the US.
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