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Ray Martin graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2014, was selected for Saatchi New Sensations the same year, and has exhibited widely since.

Martin’s extraordinary oil paintings emerge from the artists fascination with the way we experience landscape in contemporary post-technological world. Appropriating found imagery, which the artist sources from the internet an
...d print materials, as opposed to real locations, correlates to the paradox of how we mostly look at landscape today – which is simultaneously genuine and fabricated.

Neither entirely figurative, nor abstract, they depict the natural landscape, but appear very unnatural in their use of hard-edges and overly-saturated colours. His use of bold colours, deliberately estranged from the natural landscape, and intuitive handling of formal devices within painting emphasise the artist’s mocking view of the society’s obsession with digital imagery.

Some of his paintings are the size of a post card, others struggle to fit through doors; but Martin’s bold, colourful and free interpretation of landscape has quickly gained him attention and recognition among collectors worldwide.

He now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Selected competitions:

  • 2016, PS Mirabel, Manchester, “Spectrum”, *1st Prize Winner*
  • 2015, Bankley Gallery, Manchester, Open Call, *Shortlisted*
  • 2014, SAATCHI New Sensations, *Shortlisted*
Solo shows:

  • 2017, PS Mirabel, Manchester, “Slashforward”
  • 2015, The Sugar Store Gallery, Kendal, “The Inexperienced Landscape”
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