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Richard studied fine art painting and printmaking at Bristol Polytechnic and then went on to complete his Masters at the Royal College of Art in 1989-91. He then moved to Brighton and initially established his studio at Phoenix Brighton and is now based at the Red Herring Studios in Hove. A residency at Lowick House Print Workshop in Cumbria in 1996 further developed his printm...aking but also led to painting coming more to the fore and becoming his main area of development. The methods and qualities of printmaking have continued to filter into his way of working through a painting's development. From the many layers of re-drawn etching plates and velvety line of a dry point to the direct mark making that appealed in lithography. These all work together to form the painting's feeling, atmosphere and presence.

"Richard Whadcock is a landscape painter but not in the usual way. The paintings seem to come out of the wall and hug you in mists. So beautiful."


2007 onwards Northcote Gallery, London

2006 Adam Gallery, London

2005 Northcote Gallery, London

2004 Adam Gallery, London

Northcote Gallery, London

2003 Gallery One, London

2003 Vertigo Gallery, London

2002 Northcote Gallery, London

2001 White Gallery, Brighton

2000 E1 Gallery, London

1998 E1 Gallery, London

1997 Zella Gallery, London



The Discerning Eye, London

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London


National Open Art Competition, RCA, London

Starta Art fair, Saatchi Gallery

32 Paintings, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton


AAF Battersea.



Art Hamptons, New York


Art London

Brussels Art Fair


National Open Art Competition, Chichester


Art 2008, Adam Gallery, London


Art 2007, Adam Gallery, London

21/20 British Art fair, London


Art 2006, Adam Gallery, London


Art 2005, Adam Gallery, London


Art 2004, Adam Gallery, London

Art London, Northcote Gallery, London


Art 2003, Adam Gallery, London

Art London, Northcote Gallery, London

Art London 2003, Vertigo Gallery, London

Palm Beach Art Fair, Adam Gallery, USA

Vertigo Gallery, Gallery Artists, London


Adam Gallery, New Contemporaries, London

Gallery One, London

Art 2002, Adam Gallery, London

Art First, Starting A Collection, London

Affordable Art fair, Northcote Gallery

Vertigo Gallery, Gallery Artists, London

Gallery One, Drawings, london


Vertigo Gallery, London

Art 2001, London Art Show

Fresh Art, London

Starting a Collection, Art First, London

Affordable Art Fair, Northcote Gallery


Art Paris, Carrousel du Louvre

A.A.F. London, Northcote Gallery

New Elemental Aesthetic, E1 Gallery

Starting A Collection 2000, Art First, London

Art London, Chelsea


Starting A Collection, Art First, London

Affordable Art Fair, London. Northcote Gallery

Mind the Gap, Utah University, USA Touring

London Art Show, London

Vital Art, Cowcross Gallery, London

Group Show, Work Place Arts


Robert Horne Collection

Lowick House Collection

Gulbenkian Collection

Southern Illinois Collection

Private collections


1996 Robert Horne Paper Award

Princes Trust/Sports Council

1991 Daler Rowney Award


1996 Lowick House Print Workshop

1995 Cheltenham College of Art
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